Welcome to Tim Nolan's official website.  Tim is a solo singer/guitarist, with over 30 years of performing experience!  Here you can check out his upcoming shows, see a list of places he's performed in over the years, and learn a little more about him. Follow Tim's blog as he adds info every once in a while and be sure to drop him a note if you've seen him perform (or would like him to for you), or just to say hi!

Tim is originally from Ontario, Canada and has been living with his wife, Robin in the U.S. for the past 17 years. In that time, with Robin being a traveling scrub tech, Tim has been able to have performed in such places as Chicago, IL., Columbus, OH., Ocean City, MD., Tulsa, OK., Salisbury, MD., Abilene, KS., Mount Vernon, OH., Indianapolis, IN., Nags Head, NC. and lots of other  cities and towns. Check out the list of venues on the Past Venues page here!

As of May/2018, Tim and Robin have moved back to Canada, so his performing tour in the U.S. has come to an end, but he's already lined up a number of bookings in Windsor and surrounding areas! Come on out and say hi!

Be sure to click through all of the sample songs you're hearing right now! Every song you hear is a from a LIVE performance! Simply click the small CD player at the bottom of the page!

Enjoy Tim's web site and be sure to drop him a note!

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Book me for any party, bar, restaurant, patio, anything!

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